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Coal Association of Canada statement on Alberta coal phase-out

December 1, 2016 The Coal Association of Canada wishes to acknowledge the resolution of the coal-phase out in Alberta.

While the Alberta government has celebrated this agreement as providing “clarity and certainty” for the electricity companies, it does not provide clarity or certainty to the 10 000 families and workers in coal mining communities and those in other parts of the province that depend on a healthy mining industry who will be deeply affected by this decision over the next 14 years.

“In their own words, the government has admitted that the jobs that will replace the good, union, coal mining jobs are not direct replacements,” said Robin Campbell, President of the Coal Association of Canada, “From our experience in other jurisdictions, these jobs won’t come back.”

“We look forward to providing the government with input and guidance on how to help these communities transition.”


Media Contact:

Sarah Hamilton
Director of Communications and Media Relations
Coal Association of Canada
(780) 903-5752