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Graymont Western Canada Inc.
  • Member Company: Graymont Western Canada Inc.
  • Categories: Consumers
  • Street Address: 260, 4311 - 12th Steet NE
  • City: Calgary
  • Province/State: AB
  • Country: Canada
  • Postal Code / Zip Code: T2E 4P9
  • Company Website:
  • Contact Name: Claude Theriault
  • Contact Email:
  • Phone: 514-409-7717
  • Contact Title: Strategic Sourcing Director
  • Company Profile:

    Graymont is the third largest producer of chemical lime in North America.  In Canada, Graymont subsidiaries have operations from New Brunswick to British Columbia.  In the United States, subsidiary companies operate in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Montana, Utah and Nevada and serve markets in a wider area.  These operations are focused in high calcium and dolomitic lime, and in the aggregate and fine stone businesses.
  • Company Services:

    Absorption:  Bleaches, Sulfite Pump, Flue Gas, Desulphurization, Controlled Atmosphere Fruit Storage. Neutralization:  Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment,  Radioactive Wastes, Acid Mine Drainage, Agricultural Soils, Uranium Wastes, Gold Heap Leaching, Acidic Waste Water Treatment. Causticization:  Soda Ash, Kraft & Sulphate Pump, Dual Alkali Scrubbing. Flocculation:  Sugar, Ore Flotation, Sewage Treatment, Water Purification, Waste Treatment. Flux:  Alumina, BOF Steel, Open Hearth Steel, Electric Furnace Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals. Bonding Agent:  Mortar, Stucco, Insulation Materials, Asphalt Paving, Soil Stabilization. Raw Material:  Agriculture, Glass, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate.

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