Coal Kit

Have you ever wondered how coal is mined, what types of coal are located in Canada, how technology plays an important role in the mining process and how coal mining contributes to our economy and communities? The Coal Association of Canada has developed a series of educational modules for teachers and students to learn about this important resource.  Click on the images below to download a PDF copy.

Coal Evolution provides an overview of where coal comes from, how it’s mined, and why it’s an important source of energy.

Coal Economics explains the role coal plays in the Canadian economy, coal markets and exports, as well as the people and skills needed to support the coal industry.

Coal Technology shines a spotlight on how technology is changing the coal industry, how coal is used to create cost-effective and reliable electricity and how the industry is focused on continuous improvements.

Coal Environment includes information on how the coal industry takes the environment into consideration from mine design, through extraction and reclamation. Articles focus on managing soil, limiting noise, improving efficiency, and protecting wildlife.

Coal Sustainability focuses on sustainable coal mining, environmental efficiencies, community involvement, controlling emissions and climate change.