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Members of the Coal Association of Canada are incredibly diverse, with companies from both inside and outside Canada, and areas of specialization that touch every aspect of the coal and mining industries.

Itochu Corporation

Itochu Corporation

Corporate Profile: Itochu Corporation is a globally integrated corporation with offices in over 80 countries and operations that cover a broad spectrum of industries. A Division, Energy, Metals and Minerals Company, Coal Department has trading activities in both the Pacific and Atlantic Basins. Also, Itochu has invested in coal mines in China, Australia, Indonesia with an aggregate production of greater than 30M tons annually.

Scope of Services:
In terms of business activities, company knowledge and experience includes everything from resource development projects to processing and trading, coal and coke import/export in both the Atlantic and Pacific Basins, including India and China. The company also invests worldwide and performs exclusive technology import/exports too, such as electric utility companies.

New York
United States
Itochu Corporation
Miyuki Kato-McLaurine
(212) 818-8185
(212) 818-8293

Manager, Coal/Metals & Mineral Dept.

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Itochu Corporation



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