Today, coal mining is one of Canada’s safest major industries and workers are protected by some of the world’s highest standards for health and safety. Coal companies, miners, unions and governments have worked in partnership to make coal mining a safer occupation. Their efforts have translated into one of the country’s lowest worker-accident rates for major industries.

Safety Improvement

Much of the progress made in Canadian mine safety results from major advances in mine engineering combined with the introduction of stringent training standards and operating practices. As other countries in the world are striving to improve their standards, the Canadian coal industry stands as an example of what can be achieved with commitment from industry and workers, and support from governments. In fact, working safely is a condition of employment in Canada.

Federal Legislation

Canada Labour Code
Coal Mining Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Provincial Legislation*

British Columbia
Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Nova Scotia
Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
Underground Mining Regulation

* Sample only; includes provinces with active coal production..