Student Scholarship/Internship Program

The Coal Association of Canada is pleased to announce the continuation of our combined scholarship/internship program for the summer of 2020. This will be the second year of the program, following a very successful launch in 2019.

The intent of the program is to award both a monetary scholarship directly towards post-secondary tuition as well as a paid internship combining practical field experience with an operating coal mining company and research projects for the CAC during the summer of 2020.

This will be an extraordinary opportunity for the successful applicant and provide significant insight into the complex and evolving coal industry in Canada.


A $5,000 scholarship paid directly to the successful applicant’s educational institution towards the following year’s tuition.


The internship will combine both custom field experience at an active metallurgical coal mine(s) site and associated operations along with a research component on various topics related to the coal industry. This may include research on emerging and modern coal technologies (mining and emissions control), coal production, economics and market trends, as well as public relations and communications focused on the importance of coal to Canadians. The program will be tailored to the successful applicant’s field of study as best possible to provide maximum benefit to both the intern and the Coal Association of Canada.

Applications will be accepted starting December 2, 2019 until March 23, 2020

2020 Program Details & Eligibility

Application Form

Please contact Reise O’Hara with the Coal Association of Canada at 780 757 9488 or with any questions.