CAC statement in response to Powering Past Coal Alliance announcement

Nov 17, 2017

November 17, 2017

In response to the “Powering Past Coal” alliance led by Canada and the United Kingdom, CAC President Robin Campbell said:
“Coal-fired generation is and will continue to be a leading source of electricity around the world for decades to come. According to the IEA’s most recent World Energy Outlook 2017 report, coal will supply over a quarter of the world’s power through to 2040, and play an even larger role in Southeast Asian regions. As such, our position and suggestion is that this alliance should focus on improving and implementing solutions to reduce emissions, such as carbon capture and storage and high efficiency low emission technologies. The issue at hand here is not coal itself, but emissions. Let’s not forget that. If Canada is truly looking to reduce global emissions with this alliance, they need to invest in more projects like the Boundary Dam 3 in Saskatchewan and export this technology around the world. This will have a much larger impact than 15 or so countries, who only count for about 2% of the world’s total coal consumption, pledging to stop using traditional coal power themselves.”
Robin Campbell